Art and Blockchain [Part1]: VRintelligentART and the Bitmark Blockchain

I just recently bought my first two pieces of #VRintelligentART and thought, that the process and underlying blockchain technology is interesting enough to share with you.

The output for numbers 2 and 3 on DApp Gen1


I came across this digital art project through a small conversation, that I had with twitter user Von Likenstien, who is an Economist and Aerospace Engineer with an interest in AI, VR, and AR.

He created a small AI tool, that is called “DApp Gen1” and that transforms any input into a small piece of digital art.

Screenshot from DApp Gen1

If you like the output, you can then contact Von Likenstien on twitter and purchase the small digital AI-artwork using Ethereum. He then uses a blockchain called Bitmark to transfer the ownership of this digital asset to you.


The Bitmark blockchain has been designed to particularly enable the making of property from digital data.

By bitmarking the first public instance of your data, for example editions of photographs on your webstore, you can absolutely control the number of bitmarks there are and who owns them. Using the Bitmark tools you can easily begin registering your claim of ownership by bitmarking your data.


You can either upload a digital file, input a text or even use IFTT applets to automatically bitmark your output on several social media sides and apps.

Screenshot from IFTT

The IFTTT service gives individuals the ability to easily extract their data from the places where we create and share things: social media, fitness and health apps, productivity and financial software, and much more. Bitmark Applets allow users to simply apply a mark of accepted ownership to a new creation (photos on Instagram, articles on WordPress, code on Github, and more) and embed it into Bitmark’s standardized, universal crypto property system.


Transfer of Bitmarks

After someone has bitmarked a digital asset, like the output of the DApp Gen1 by Von Likenstien for example, these bitmarks can easily transfered to another Bitmark user. All you will have to know, is the email address of the user, you want the asset transfer to.

There is a Web App where you can see, manage and transfer all your digital assets.

After I sorted out the payment details with Von Likenstien and gave him the email address, I signed up with on Bitmark, he transferred the outputs of his DApp Gen for the numbers “2” and “3” to me.

I took a while until I received an email for every digital artwork, in which I was asked to accept the transfer of the properties by signing them.

Screenshot from Bitmark email

After that, I was able to see and download those artworks at my Bitmark account.

Screenshot from Bitmark

As you can see, I could also transfer those bitmarked artworks to another user and there will always be a provenance and history of ownership available on the Bitmark blockchain.

The block explorer is called The Bitmark Property Registry and is a historical ledger of all property transactions in the Bitmark property system. At this place you can check, if the transfer was successful.

Check it out!

If you are an artist or art collector, you should definitely check out the DApp Gen1 VRintelligentART generator. For example the output for “steemit” looks very rad.

Screenshot from DApp Gen1

Just contact Von Likenstien on twitter and ask, if it is still available.

Bonus (for Steemit users)

Alternatively you could purchase a digital artwork from me called “bomomo blue”, that I just issued as an edition of 10.

If you’re interested, you can buy one of those digital artworks by sending me 2 Steem/SBD to my Steemit account (@shortcut) and add your email in an encrypted memo. You can encrypt the memo by adding a # followed by a space in front of the memo.

For example # For 1 bomomo blue artwork. Here is

Thanks in advance!

This was just the beginning of a series about blockchain and art, please follow me to keep yourself up to date!


Originally published at on April 3, 2018.

By Joern Bielewski on April 04, 2018.